Your gardens - Take a look around the Cupani Garden in Seaford.

Paul Cox on 16th Aug 2020

Cupani Garden

I just love taking a peek at your gardens, I don't think I am alone either!

Each garden is special, unique and very personal.  This time we have the privilege of taking a look at Aideen and Denis Jones' garden in Seaford, East Sussex.  Aideen and Denis have been huge supporters of mine for a long while and often open for the National Garden Scheme several times a year.

Describe your garden in 5 words

Colourful, hardy perennials and shrubs

So where is the garden and what are it’s unique points

Seaford is on the south coast, in the garden we have a huge variety of unusual and usual hardy perennials, shrubs and trees. The garden is enclosed by sweet pea obelisks that reflect our garden’s name - 'Cupani'. It is also the home of our extensive charity plant sales every spring, many of the plants are propagated by us and others are bought in. 

We open several times a year for the National Garden Scheme and for private visits, our teas, lunches and cakes are a big attraction!

The garden has just undergone a major revamp, concentrating on planting drought tolerant plants and a more exotic bed of gingers , cannas and bananas.

How do you use my sculptures within the garden

The bigger pieces often provide a focal point in individual beds. The physalis bought for Denis’s 70th Birthday last year is a case in point, your eye is automatically drawn to it. I often put the Echinacea sculptures in pots of Echinacea , and I love watching people when they realise they are not flowers , they usually smile. They also have a practical as well as aesthetic value in that you can tie wayward plants to the stakes.

What is your favourite sculpture of mine

Hard to single one out as I love them all but the multiheaded Allium is delightful and forms a focal point in the courtyard garden. We built this garden in memory of my sister who died 12 years ago so it’s a special place in the garden.

I love the way you respond to suggestions from customers and was really pleased when you made me the blue rewilding symbol hearts.

This year the Birds of Hope and the Rainbow Echinacea were an inspirational idea as we all celebrate our great NHS and have hope that one day soon it will all be over.

Want to know more?  Click here to visit the Cupani Garden website

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