Here you can find out lots of extra information about the products that we make. If you can't find what you need here please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

What are the different types of stem style?

  • Organic - This stem is hand forged steel without the spiral loop. It has soft undulations that look very similar to the organic growth of a natural plant stem
  • Spiral loop - This option is a straight stem that has a has a loop twisted into the metal just below the seed head this can be used to support long delicate plant stems supporting them as they grow
  • Straight - This stem style is a plain straight stem. Why not try mixing a variety of different stem styles together. 

Take a look a this short video demonstrating the different types.


What are the different types of stem finish?

  • Bare Metal Stem - Will arrive grey in colour but but will quickly oxidise to create the rustic shabby chic look. Natural colours will blend seamlessly with nature.
  • Stainless Steel Stem - Silver stem for the contempray modern look. Will stand out against a dark background.
  • Bronze effect powder coat - Metallic effect dark brown stem will disappear into natural colour pallet of the garden.





My browser says this site is unsafe.

Don't worry the checkout pages of this site are safe and secure and have been looked at and checked independently.

What plastic cellophane wrapping do you use to wrap them?

Our Plastic cellophane is now made from NatureFlex. A renewable and certified COMPOSTABLE film made from responsibly sourced wood pulp.

How long will they last?

All products have a 1 year guarantee, however they will last for many years.  

Can I add extra protective coating?

Yes you can wipe a cloth with any thin oil once a year. 

We sell Lanoguard on the website , see the short video demonstrating how to apply it.


What are the stems made of? 

Solid 6mm Steel / iron. When you leave bare metal outside it will oxidise. This rusty orange colour is very popular and contrasts well with the natural tones of the garden.

I don't like rusty things in my garden what can I do? 

Many items come with a choice of stems from powder coated bronze effect to stainless steel just select the stem finish to suit you.

My stem has gone rusty, I don't like it?  

If you have bought a bare metal stem sculpture and decided that it doesn't fit your scheme, you can brush it with a wire brush then paint it with a Hammerite paint that can be painted directly onto bare, rusty metal.

What are the flowers made of? 

To ensure your flower stays looking fantastic for longer, we now use stainless steel petals on all the painted flowers.

How much would it cost to have a commission just for me? 

Combining different existing seeds and flowers to create a "multipod" design, would be around £120.

Why not add a personalised name tag for as little as £20.

Or go wild and have a totally unique piece, which would be a real asset to your garden or home - Price on application.

What paint is used? 

They are powder coated and baked in an oven, making a durable finish, making your artwork frost proof.

What are the casts made of?

The cold cast resins used are not just frost resistant but also frost proof. 

Will  the Verdigris patination stay the same? 

The verdigris patination has been used and tested since 2014, they still look as the day that it was applied. 

Will the colour fade? 

The colours are high quality UV stable and will not fade.

Can they be left out all year round?

Everything comes with a one-year guarantee. Your unique garden creation will last for years to come.

When my order arrives, what can I expect?

When you place an order they are all carefully made and wrapped with cellophane, packaged in a box and sent to you by courier which is usually 1-3 day delivery. If you would like to discuss having a bespoke exclusive items made for your home or shop please contact Paul and he will be happy to give you a price. It may be more affordable than you think to have sculptures that are unique to you.

Just go to the Shop and start browsing the different collections that have the all the types of work in categories.